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What is Patient Directives® ?

Patient Directives is a patient-directed, high-security storage service that enables care-providers, patients, and loved-ones immediate access to urgent, Advance Directive (Living Will) documents.  Patient Directives was founded by physicians sharing a common concern for the inefficiency of paper documents, their frequent inaccessability, and subsequently, poor compliance with patients' wishes and directives.

How does Patient Directives® work?

Patients or their care providers (acting on their behalf) upload and electronically file advance directive/living will documents on our high-security servers.  Our storage systems are equipped with redundant back-up storage, power fail-safes and real-time archiving.   Each document is maintained in the most confidential and secure manner available today, fully compliant with established HIPAA standards.

Hassle Free and No Penalty

Patients may remove documents or rescind their participation at any time.  No fees, no penalties.  We are that confident in the quality of our product - your autonomy and peace-of-mind in the event of a "what-if" scenario.  A trully patient-centric service.

We enable patients to exercise their living will and wishes when they are unable to do so by providing point-of-care providers access at any time.
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